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RAGOH Speaks, LLC is a girls’ activism organization committed to engaging young people and communities in the fight for gender-based human rights, both locally and globally. Through speaking engagements, education/awareness campaigns, coalition building, and partnerships, RAGOH Speaks educates communities about the scope of injustices girls face such as sex trafficking, juvenile justice, child marriage, and the lack of access to education. RAGOH Speaks equips girls of color and their allies to become agents of change through photovoice and digital storytelling projects, building community, and engaging their own schools and communities in research and prevention.

Out of 1.2 billion adolescents ages 10-19, half are girls, many of whom face unique challenges globally in their pursuit of education--millions being abused, forced into child “marriage,” trafficked, kept out of schools, and facing discrimination--simply for existing. With developmental assistance historically bypassing them by grouping them with children and women, less than 2 cents per every developmental dollar goes towards programs specifically targeted at adolescent girls. In the U.S. alone, 300,000 children are taken into sex trafficking every year--80% of which are girls who are disproportionately black and brown, and whose average age of entry is 12-14 years old. Racial and gender inequities in education, juvenile justice, and child welfare systems need to be addressed in order to combat the sex trafficking crisis, which funds a $32 billion industry in this country alone. As we fight for systemic changes that ensure them access to empowering education and resources, there is more of a need than ever for safe empowering spaces that equip and affirm the voices of girls of color and their allies in demanding change, combating violence and transforming their communities.

Nina Nagib is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Counselor Education at Rowan University and a consultant in creating healing-centered schools. As a former school counselor of 7 years and an outpatient therapist, her experiences working with girls of color who had experienced trauma and been over-disciplined and criminalized at disproportionate rates led her to dream bigger. Combining her passions of mental health and girl activism, she launched Raising a Generation of Hope (RAGOH), a girls' human rights and empowerment initiative committed to advocating for girls’ access to education in developing countries. Her research and collective experiences in education, mental health, and nonprofit organizations led her to found RAGOH Speaks, LLC in order to better equip schools and communities to combat the sex trafficking crisis in their own communities and to fight for girl’s human rights globally-- always forefronting the voices of girls and women of color along the way. 

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